Global Odyssey

Global Odyssey was a student-led event organised by the teachers. The main purpose of this event was the celebrate all the global cultures. Teams were formed with each team leader heading the departments such as food, fashion, games and decoration. I opted to be part of the decor team as I thought my skills were best utilized there.


Through this event, I had the opportunity to learn numerous new skills while improving on others. The problem I faced while preparing decor was making the posters. I was really bad at free hand drawing but after practising making the posters, I got better at it. I also had the chance of improving my teamwork skills due to the constant interaction with other members and other group tasks.


Being part of the decor team is no easy job. We had to come early to school every day for almost 2 weeks in order to complete the decorations on time. It was necessary that all the requirements and tasks were planned weeks prior for the smooth functioning of the team on the day of the event. The team also had to work outside school hours and had to purchase and prepare few items from home.


The whole idea of the decoration was planned and executed by the team. Our team leader planned and delegated the work equally between the members. Due to the smart delegation, we were able to easily gather resources and were able to complete the work a day beforehand. Good communication with the other departments allowed us to understand their decor needs and allowed us to integrate their ideas in their stall decor.

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