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Hello! I am Utsav Kothari, currently in Grade 12 of the IB Diploma Programme. I like hanging out with friends. I wish to become a software developer one day, due to which I like technology. I also love Mathematics but I’m very poor at English. I do not have any talents as such but I try to complete my work with precision. I guess I have good communication skills which I was able to improve even more during these CAS experiences. I have not been able to organise such events, I wish to do this some other time, be involved in managing things, attracting participants who enjoy the event(if I organise one someday). I feel the world is advancing a lot, and each day, there is something to grab, some learning to do, I wish I could manage my time and be able to grab these opportunities so I could be a better person each day. I do not have any issues or concerns regarding the work I do, except time management. I keep procrastinating things, and just before the deadlines, I get that push to work but this results in lower quality output. I want to learn time management, follow a time-table and complete tasks on time with quality. I’ve always wanted to do cooking, but I didn’t really get such an opportunity where I could really engage myself in cooking. However, while my mom prepares something new, I try to get involved in helping her and learning something out of it. I wish to learn more about my career, be the best I can be, with time.

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