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My name is Anusha Mittal and I’m a 17 year old in 12th grade. I really like dancing, listening to music, and playing ultimate among many other things. I’m also a voracious reader who enjoys exploring different genres of books. Apart from that, I love travelling and going to new places, trying new cuisines and witnessing different cultures.
One talent that I would like to improve on would be cooking and learning chores like sewing. Even though I’m good at baking, I’m usually not one to cook that much, however I get inspired seeing other people do it. Apart from that I would like to improve on the things that I’m already good at too because it’s always good to ‘sharpen the saw’.

My outlook on life is that one should always be ready to experience new things and accept change, but while doing so never forget their origin. In my life, one issue I would passionately want to work upon would be animal activism – may it be regarding food or habitat loss or even clothes. I would like to use my voice to help the fellow creatures of our planet have the freedom they deserve. Therefore one of my other goals is to turn vegan which might be difficult since I’m going to have to cut down a lot of things that I’ve been eating for a while now, however I think by starting with me I can definitely bring a positive change. 

In life, I would like to learn about different cultures and how societies thrive and get a better understanding of how the world works. I as an individual, however, aspire to be more considerate and compassionate and giving. I would want to be someone who is able to be objective when needed but never ignorant. All in all I hope to be someone who is able to inspire others just like so many others inspire me!

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