Aman Sarawagi – CAS PROFILE

Hi! My name is Aman Sarawagi and I am a student In 12th grade at Fountainhead School. I love my life and I love to hang out with my family and friends. Being brought up in a joint family, I have always enjoyed my life to the fullest and I think I am very lucky to have a life like this. For me, Family always has to be my first friend since my birth and with them, I feel very comfortable where I never been criticized for my mistakes. Further, I am a great fan of listening to Bollywood songs/music and I really like watching movies. I am also inclined towards many sports as they clear up my mood and are very fun to play. Sports like football, basketball, badminton swimming, etc. but I am not a professional athlete or a great player in any of these sports though. One of my favorite things to do is traveling with my family or friends to places that I have never seen or visited. The main fun of this traveling is spending time with my close ones. Further, I love to organize events and take part in managing. Nevertheless, I have been part of many organizing committees for events like FSMUN, night out, and recently, with friends had organized a big FIFA tournament in which the profits were donated for a noble cause. In my life, I have been invested my time in many different interesting fields such as music in which I have to spend 3 Years learning keyboard. As I am growing, I want to improve some of my skills which would help me in my near future. The first skill is cooking. I am definitely not a great cook but I am foody and like to eat. And also, I think cooking is one of the skills that I should I improve as I would be probably doing my future studies out of India where this skill is necessary. In my life, there are many things I want myself to be involved in from which one is social service.

Talking about the outlook on life, I think people should be more confident in real-life and should always be active. Life is a gift to humans and thereby we shouldn’t waste it just by spending our time on technology or inside the rooms only. Further, we shouldn’t be afraid of failures and only focus on our goals and improves ourself and this is my motive of life. I want myself to grow and take challenges in life so that I improve myself and thereby become a great person.

Studying for so many years, I think I still lack a little bit in English literature subject. I am very confident while communicating in English but when it comes to literature I lack some of the knowledge and therefore I think this a field that I want to work upon. But, from these years of studying, I have also come across something which I am passionate about and want to make it my career. That is Computer Science and management. Growing in a business-oriented environment at home, I like to become an entrepreneur someday like my father but with that, I want to do something in computer science. In this field, I love to code. The most amazing part of this field is that this field enables a whole different world of opportunities that excites me.

IB DIPLOMA and CAS have helped me to become a better person in real life and explore and try new things. It has also made me learn from my mistakes and also has given me the opportunity to discover my weakness and improve upon it over time. It is made me a better person because of which I have started contributing to society by donating and working more. and I will continue this in the future. 

My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur like my dad and improve myself day by day. I want to make a great different identity of myself in society and become a successful person and thereby be useful for my society.

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