Monsoon Musing Season 2- Seva Cafe

Monsoon Musings is a student-led Literary Event that intended to give budding writers (students, staff, parents, grandparents, and alumni) an opportunity to express their ideas – in the form of poems and tiny tales. This event had two sub-teams that collaboratively organized this event. I was a part of Seva Cafe which was led by two of my friends. This was a service intended sub-event in which we prepared food for all the visitors and people present there and accepted any amount of money they gave for the food they purchased. Through this event, the money that was raised was then further donated to a charity for some noble causes.

This event was a fun experience/activity for me through which I learned many things, developed my cooking skills, and had a chance to be a part of some important and relaxing event.

In this CAS experience, I was able to cover many learning outcomes such as LO -2, LO- 5

LO 2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

While being in the organizing committee, working collaboratively made the most of the task easy due to which we didn’t encounter many challenges. though in the event when we started serving food to all the people present there, some of the items on the menu were really liked, and therefore making the same item again and again was a little difficult as some of the ingredients were finished which caused a problem. But, then sending one of our friends’ drivers to the city to bring that ingredient solved the problem pretty fast making the event smooth again. Further, learning the dish at that moment was one of the challenges that were personally faced by me.
Overall, through these challenges, I was able to develop my cooking skills and team w=ork skills which would be helpful to me in my future also.

LO 5 – Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

To execute this event effectively, the organising team was divided into two parts. One would be handling the decoration and arrangement of the event and other team would take care of the Seva Cafe. both groups effectively showed teamwork to make this event happen nicely. In the groups itself, teamwork was showed by everyone to make this easy. Further, irrespective of the task given to the a particular member, we collaboratively worked and helped the other group also to make their task finish earlier. While working in groups, the only challenges that were faced by us were that we were facing issues in communication internally but then that was taken care of also. The main benefit of working collaboratively was that this event was executed very smoothly with very minimal conflicts or challenges.

The Whole Organising committee for Monsoon Musing.

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