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Hello I am Samyak Jain, I am currently in the senior year at Fountainhead School Surat. I am coding enthusiast and love to play football. Other than sports and academics. I love listening to music and interacting with people and stay active whenever possible. Recently, I picked up cooking as a skill, and I am enjoying it a lot.

There are multiple skills and talents that I have but require a lot improvements. I love to listen to and play music, I used to learn Tabla as an instrument. However, due to the submissions and deadlines I haven’t been given this talent of mine a lot of time. I would love to give it more time and continue Tabla.

As a coding enthusiast I would really be interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Moreover, I would love to know more about the coding languages and how do these machines work.

I believe that a person should never stop learning. Even in after college or later in my life I would love to learn as many new things as possible. I believe that there is nothing more precious than knowledge and nothing more important than education.

I believe that education is a major concern faced by our world today. Being a computer or a tech enthusiast I would love to share my knowledge with the world and would love to reduce the illiteracy that our world faces in any way possible.

My dream is to study Computer Science at MIT and become a very successful entrepreneur. I would love to gain as much knowledge as I can and then start a huge company that is related to computer science but helps the world in every way possible.

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