Football (PS)

I am interested by sports activities (in particular soccer) from my early life and feature usually participated withinside the interschool opposition and feature attended each PS class. There are a few learning results that I met have been L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5

L01 – I like to play football very much and the position I play is a striker. The maximum crucial ability required for a striker is pace. The striker desires to be rapid to run toward the opponent and score a goal. I actually have pace however the place wherein I battle is dribbling the ball rapid toward the goal. I am working on enhancing this ability as it’s far very crucial for any striker. I am working in this in my PS slot and in Playtime. I dribble the ball among the cones in order to assist me in gaining knowledge of that ability.

LO2 – I actually have long past thru many demanding situations even as growing the ability like I get very worn-out after many rounds of dribbling. It takes lots of power which makes me feel very a lot exhausted. Sometimes the PS lessons get canceled because of a few SA, etc, which affected my time table of training.

LO3 – Considering the truth that, that taking PS as a football and convincing my mother and father for it due to my records with sports activities isn’t always as desirable due to the accidents I had even as gambling soccer and doing goalkeeping and it additionally triggered a fracture my finger, so even as convincing them, it additionally helped me constructed my communication talents and a way to persuade them and assuring them that there could be no accidents.

LO4 – I without a doubt desired to enhance my dribbling ability, I didn’t bunk any of the PS class. I knew that to enhance this ability exercise turned into the principle key so maintaining that during thoughts I didn’t leave out any of the PS slots and for added exercise, I additionally performed a soccer fit withinside the Playtime.

LO5 – Teamwork may be very crucial in all crew games. So in soccer additionally teamwork is necessary. It may be very crucial to talk with all of the team contributors in the course of the game. In playtime, I stepped forward my ability of speaking with my buddies in the course of the match so it becomes easy for me to pass the ball during an official match. A crew member need to understand all of the gestures and the functions which could make the match easier.

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