Dog feeding

Donating money is a great social task but feeding the stray dogs is also important. In this pandemic(covid 19), I joined a group with my friends to feed on the street dogs with healthy dog food. I love dogs and making them happy makes myself happy.

Lo2- It was a very big group so communicating with each other was a problem faced although we managed to communicate on social media and by informing each other via different ways of communication. In this pandemic it’s difficult to go out and meet others so it was a tough job to allocate groups of people for different time intervals.

Lo3- feeding the street dog is a very important act. My friends and I thought about feeding the stray because ofthe pandemic, people would not be going out to feed them. To overcome this we made a group and allocated it with time.

Lo4- everyone needs food to live, so why not to feed the dogs if we have time. For helping the hungry dogs we thought of initiating this plan and gathered volunteers to help us with it.

Lo5- I am good an collaborating with people and managing time. I made a group of volunteers and managed it on social media by allocating them with different time periods. It was difficult to communciate information to everyone on time by we managed it anyhow.

Lo6- hunger is a very big problem, being it human or animals. Becuase of so much problem going on in India due to the pandamic, my friends and I decided to work upon this idea.

Lo7- because of the Covid 19, health and safety is a must. So we provided everyone who volunteers with masks and gloves and also kept sanitizing them in the task. We also kept adult supervision while driving the vehicles and feeding the stray doings.

To conclude, It was a great experience to feed the dogs. I developed a risk-taker, communicator, and balanced leaner profiles.

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