Garba Fest

I was on the OC team for the garba fest decoration. There were lots of people with me during the decoration.I covered LO1, LO2, Lo4, LO5

This experience helped me know my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths were to not waste any material instead use it for some decoration work. I love doing work in a team as I can handle a group of people and do work while having fun. On the other hand, my weakness was that I didn’t like lazy people who just procrastinate their work and because of that I used to get short tempered.

However, I will work upon my weakness as it will help me communicate with my team properly.

Although I was in the OC department, I needed to help the apartment head make the decoration. As we didn’t get enough time with the preparations, we used to meet at home and work upon the things. We faced a lot of challenges like the volunteers did not show up on time which made us do extra work and resulted in last minute work. To work upon the challenges people were assigned with their respective tasks and they had to come early to school and do it.

Due to lofs of work from school like assignments, tests and other things it was quite difficult to come early to school for decoration as I couldn’t committee a thing properly but somehow I survived the event.

Working in a team makes a task easy as people are there to help the other person when he/she is stuck and due to more people around there are more creative ideas that pop up.

During the experience, I developed some learner profiles like communicator, open minded as listening to everyone’s ideas and working according to everyone’s say. 

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