Learning Coding


During the lockdown period I did not have many things to do so I decided to learn advanced coding. Learning coding will not only help me as a CAS activity but it also helps me in my ITGS IA. I used codecademy to learn Advanced HTML and Advance CSS

L1(Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth) I know the basic coding as I have been doing it since 8th grade, so I was able to easily grab all the important aspects of coding. My major strength is that I was able to properly understand the function of the various codes so it became easy for my to understand and complete the activity soon. The difficult part was to how to apply all of my knowledge and everything I learnt in my own website. Codecademy gives you a chance to code what you have learnt to get an hands on experience but in the start I found difficulty in implementing all of the knowledge for my site, soon by giving more focus I was able to implement it for my site.

L2( Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skill) As I was doing on my own sometimes I would get stuck and not clearly understand the functions. If i was not able to understand its main function then it would be of no use as I would no learn anything. To get over this problem I asked my friend to help me out and make me understand the function of that particular code. other than that if I would get stuck then I would simple write the code and have a look at the final outcome. The second challenge I faced was difficulty in implementing all of the knowledge for my site. But I overcame it by practising and being focused and achieve the one day goal.

L3(Initiate and plan a CAS experience) So one of the major reason I decided to learn coding was that it would count as a CAS activity and help me in my ITGS IA. So the course for HTML and CSS where quite long, so I decided to set one day. Every evening I would sit and code for minimum 2 hours and try to complete as many exercise I could. The length of the topic varied so on that basis I set my goal. For example if in a topic there 11 topics then I my main aim was to complete all 11, if it had more than 11 then I would go on time basis and complete the minimum 2 hour goal. In the website I set the streak to 7 days so to maintainit I have to code everyday. Mostly I was able to keep it but due to other things sometimes I could not maintain it,

L4( Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience) Coding is a long and tedious process, to do it properly it takes a lot of time. A code only follows one function. Learning coding requires a lot of patience, so i had to keep my cool and properly focus on my tasks. I thoroughly followed my daily goal schedule so that i could learn quicker. Many time I felt tired of coding but then i buckled up and regained my focus in order learn how to code.

My overall experience was great and I learned many new techniques which directly helps me in my ITGS IA where I need to create a website.

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