CAS Profile: Arya Shah


My name is Arya Shah and I am 17 years old. My interests lie in different activities such as cooking, sports and I am a big fan of Indian History. I am keen to do activities that challenge me and give me great pleasure afterward. I would say that I am a good sportsperson and I can play multiple sports that keep me fit and healthy. I am also good at cooking, especially desserts. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family or hanging out with my friends. It gives me joy in spending my free time listening to music or playing sports. Although I consider myself a good sportsperson, there is always a scope for improvement. My current aspirations are to become fit and get abs and also improve the cooking skills that will be beneficial to me when I go elsewhere to study. Being an introvert, it is a little difficult for me to start a conversation with random people and hence that is a skill that I would like to master as I grow up. I want to be confident to speak to different people with different perspectives and widen my horizon of knowledge. I would love to actively participate in different clubs that help provide education for the poor and take part in food programmes that will help reduce the number of people starving everyday. I was always keen on doing something that brings a change in the society; even a small one counts. I am usually an optimistic person and I believe that one can achieve anything they put their heart into. With the same mindset, and a little effort, you can always achieve what you desire. I believe that along with other important committments that one may have in their life, family is always the most important one. Moreover, I am a big family-oriented person who would rather choose their family over other pleasures in life.

Moving on, two things that I want to explore when I grow up is the existence of a supernatural world and dig deeper into the Indian History involving the Mughal dynasty. These are the two things I have always been passionate about and would love to explore them if given the opportunity in the future. One thing that I have always wanted to try but I haven’t gotten the guts to do so – is going to a place that is very spooky and has a lot of haunted stories attached to it. As cliche as it may sound, I am a very big fan of the supernatural world that I believe exists and I would love to go to a place where I could actually see the truth for myself. Another thing that I would love to try is mountaineering. I am in awe of the mountains and beauty that nature has provided us with and I would love to learn mountaineering in this lifetime.

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