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Hello! I am Yashashvi Dalmia, a 17-year-old. I write this CAS Personal Profile obviously because I am an IBDP student. I am this person who believes in constantly learning and developing skills throughout my life. That is probably the only reason I am enjoying this DP course that people usually find extremely difficult and pressurizing but I know for a fact that this is preparing for the future. CAS is significant to me because, in these years of extensive academics and working, it comes as a breath of fresh air. It gives a break to the monotony and is a kickstart for a more productive day tomorrow. 

Personally, I like doing various activities from sports to artistic jobs like cooking and drawing. And so I describe myself as an artist, an athlete, and also a nerd most of the time. Currently, I play basketball for my physical fitness and recreation, and in order to showcase my creative side, I cook and paint. One quality I have here is that whatever I do, even if for recreation purposes, I put all of me into it. All my attention, efforts, hard work goes all in I try to give my best shot at whatever I do and I always finish it. Be it whatever, even if its something I am not enjoying, but something I start needs to at least be completed. However, something I would want to improve in myself is my lack of confidence. I try seeking validation from other people because I am not confident enough about the product I come up with. Be it my game at the court, or my painting on the canvas, I tend to doubt it which I feel is a drawback I need to work upon. 

Apart from this, I absolutely love adventures and traveling and basically making memories with the close-knit circle of friends and family I have. I’ve bungee jumped, kayaked, rafted, and scuba dived. I have traveled to 5 continents until now and plan to keep exploring more. It just helps me open up to the real world, it helps me appreciate and be grateful for my life and be more rooted to where I come from. I think I have always been a nomadic person and that’s what I want to keep doing. 

For the future, I don’t really know what it holds for me because life is full of surprises but I plan on studying Marketing at a business school and work for a company. I do not have a lot of huge aspirations that I see my friends having, but I believe in just enjoying and living the moment. I just want to go with the flow but also being prepared for the worst. I don’t want to earn millions and billions, I just believe in earning as much as to give you the kind of life you’d want and I am not a person who likes to live lavishly. I want a small apartment of my own, which I describe as my small, own nest.

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