It’s great to hear a person’s feelings through a poem, and this event gave people to express it. Monsoon musing gave people a platform to come and present their own written poems. People were invited from our school itself like all the students, their families, staff members, and teachers. Seva cafe was part of this event where we made varieties of food for the audience and the participants. The food did not have any fixed price but we gave the person a choice to pay how much he/she was willing to pay. All the collected money was for charity. It was given to an NGO by the school itself. This was the main part of our service. We had decorated two venues for this event, one where the poems were presented and one where there was seva cafe. We had served fresh drinks and some snacks to the audiences and participants during the event, to make them feel more comfortable and make it more fun. I was the head for the logistics, where I had to manage the Seva cafe, all the decorations, then venues. My main work was to make teams and take care if everyone is working properly. There was a lot of work for this event, as we had to manage two things at the same time.


I came to about how I can manage multiple tasks at the same time. I even identified that I can be a good supervisor and organise events due to me being hardworking and committed. One of my weakness which I identified is that sometimes because of not being strict the team members did delay in completing their work.


At the start it was challenging to manage both the decor and seva cafe responsibilities, but after we worked collaboratively as a team if was easier. At the day of event the main challenge was to serve the food, as we had different venues for the serving so we had bring the food everytime it was less. There were some members who had responsibility to bring food, and at the day of event one member had to bring nachos but he was absent, therefore someone had to go and bring it, which increased our costing too.


To organise all the things we had maintained some planning sheets which had all the details and updates. This helped us maintain the data and avoid any confusions about what all tasks are left.


Commitment was important as there was a lot of work and without commitment we could have not have a successful event. It was a little difficult to be committed as we even had our studies to work upon.


When there is a big event to be organised we need a good team to work with. Working as team helped us complete all the tasks on time. Cooperation is very important to achieve something. We knew each other as we all were friends so it was easy for us to work collaboratively. It was actually fun working with friends. Teamwork and leadership helps you learn how to work with other to achieve the goal and always makes you feel supportive and not alone.

In conclusion, I enjoyed a lot organizing this event which was insightful and gave a opportunity to people for presenting their talented writing skills in front of audience. I learned a lot from this event and now in future I would organise more events like these, learning more new things.

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