Farewell dance

I love to dance and I went to dance class in 7th grade, so I know how to dance and in the farewell bath of 2020 I got an opportunity to showcase my talent. I participated in dance as I wanted to try dance also I have done decoration and other moreover this was a great opportunity for me. I was a little nervous as I was not in daily practice although I managed in this reflection I have covered LO1,LO2,L4,LO5 


While practicing I identified my strengths and weaknesses, I was very weak at memorizing steps and also I was facing difficulties in doing the steps. To overcome this weakness I came early and memorized steps and my friends helped with it. My strength was energy, I was very energetic in dance performances. To grow and achieve more we have to identify our weakness and work aopn it. 


Remembering steps and perfectly doing the steps was a big task for me and it troubled me a lot. It was challenging because I was not in regular practice and this was something very sudden for me. One more challenge for me was to wake up early. Ino order to overcome the challenges we decided to come early in school for extra practice and give more time to dance. Life is full of challenges so we should learn to face them. 


To learn dance and overcome the challenges it was nassery to be consistent and showing commitment was very important. Commitment of daily coming to school also practicing out of school, practicing sensorly was very important in order to perform well . 


Working with others makes things easy for me and helps me achieve more. When we work in a group we get feedback and everyone helps us, tells us our weakness and what we are lacking, how can we improve. 

I felt more confident after performing in the farewell dance and also helped me to become open-minded and overcome many challenges. 

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