Global Odyssey Decoration.

This was a student led event organised by the teachers. The main idea behind this was to make the students sell the things that they had made. And for this event each student was divided into different groups there were four groups, food, fashion, games and decoration. I was a part of the decoration team. And we were responsible for deciding and making the decoration which was to be put up on the final day.


Being one of the team members, The whole idea of the decoration was planned and initiated by the team. we planned how to divide the work equally between everyone and how to complete everything on time. We also had to keep the budget in mind and prepare stuff respectively therefore we had to work precisely. we even convinced the whole team to come early to the school so that more work can be done in less time. It was also necessary to plan the things we need to do before the day of the event, so we don’t forget the things other teams require for the event

Lo4-Commitment to and perseverance-

As stated earlier that there was lot of work that needed to be done. But despite the challenges that we faced we made sure that we stay committed to our work and hence due to the commitment that we showed it was possible for us to finish the work on time.

 Lo-6 engagement with issues of global significance,

We were told that we would be given limited resources from the store to make the decorations so we used it very carefully keeping in mind not to waste any of the resources that were given to us. Since most of our decorations were made of paper we made sure not to waste paper either.

Lo 7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Working in a group it as critical to ensure that I was ethical with my colleagues and that I was giving less work to not many and more work to the others. Additionally as we were working for the spending we didn’t get the material required in the school and the once that we got from school were excessively costly. So we got consent to proceed to get the materials from outside sellers who are more sensible. We ensured that we were ethical while our buy since we didn’t what to get something that isn’t of our utilization and end up wasting resources.

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