Garba fest Photography

A few classmates of mine organized a garba fest as their CAS project and they had sent out a form for volunteers, as I had recently learned basic photography, I had approached them and filled up the form to volunteer as a photographer. They agreed to take me and so I was very excited to do this task. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the participants, especially the flaunting candid shots I took were perfect and people liked the pictures. I was really light-hearten to see the expressions given people when they saw their pictures. They were worth to see. My aim was to take good pictures with also capturing aesthetic candid shots.

Lo1- Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth-

As I mentioned earlier that I had recently learned photography, I knew that I can take basic pictures and which I did. The main area for me to develop was to perfectly time the pictures when the person is doing some garba steps, or making a move, I did try to take a few shots like these but the pictures turned out quite blurred. I would surely like to learn how to perfectly time the picture and achieve great photos.

Lo2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process-

Taking pictures while the person doing steps was very difficult because firstly the players are in motion, so it becomes very difficult to capture a perfect shot, and secondly, during the there were above 200 people doing garba which made it very difficult to capture their pictures. The pictures clicked were a total disaster as to in every picture, the person gets covered with the other person, and so I talked to my friends related to letting the increasing the size of the circle where they do garba which will make it easier for the to capture them, they agreed onto the demand and increased the size of the circle

LO4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

As a photographer my role was to click pictures of everyone, as there were too many participants clicking pictures of everyone was a very time-consuming process but still, I managed to do it. Also there were many people asking me to click their solo pictures which took a lot of effort and there were many people photo-bombing which made it more difficult but still i managed to complete my task.

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