Home workouts.

I have constantly been health aware and someone who constantly tries and improves upon their health. However, from the time that DP started I was not able to focus on workouts and got occupied in the school work. So in order to get over my laziness and to get fit, I started doing home workouts.

The Lo’s that are catered with this experience are:

LO1,LO2,LO3,LO4,LO5,LO6 ,LO7

But whilst we entered quarantine because of Covid-19, which meant that I could again give attention to my health and fitness. So I decided to start with in-house workouts, to work out I had to constantly motivate myself and be consistent. There were also times when I felt completely tired and just wanted to skip a workout but I didn’t and I continued to push myself. with the help of workouts, it gave me satisfaction and also lead to positive body changes. Planning ahead always works for me as when I plan ahead it binds me to the commitment and helps me to complete the goals that I plan for myself.

My legs have always been my strength but I struggled with arms. So knowing my strengths and weaknesses helped me in order to plan my workouts in a way that I was able to overcome my weaknesses and improve more upon my strengths. I followed the workout regimes that used to focus on my arms and my upper body. I followed the workout routines that were in the form of challenges like, Alexis Ren or Chloe Ting’s workout regimes. Sometimes, when I used to feel lazy and lethargic and did not want to workout, I used to call over my friend in order to work out together as working together helps me to motivate myself and overcome my laziness.

There were some of the workout routines that were paid and in order to not use the pirated versions of it I chose to pay for it at there is a lot of economic crisis going on in the world right now which made me realize, to be honest, and ethical.

Also, if this global pandemic has taught us anything it is that having a great physical and mental health and while choosing this experience(LO7) I made sure that I was aligned with my goals and achieved it.

In the end, I am glad that I started working out again which not only helps me to be fit but also allows me to have time to blow off my steam and freshen up for the rest of my day.

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