Strand: Activity, Creativity

Yoga is very helpful in enduring an individual’s physical as well as spiritual well-being. I attended a yoga class in my apartment along with my known ones, during this pandemic situation. During such unfortunate times, yoga was such an activity that helped me maintain my physical wellbeing and maintain an essential balance in this lockdown. I found yoga to be a very graceful and artistic activity along with being a calming and soothing workout. Personally, I am a very creative person and not a very physically engaged person, so learning new yoga poses and asanas was very interesting. I learned something new every day and found this creative way to maintain my physical wellbeing while keeping me balanced spiritually and emotionally too. Getting into this habit made me become a more balanced person and get into the habit of something I was never a part of. 

There are numerous learning outcomes that I achieved in the process, they include:

LO 6:Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

As this activity aligns with the sustainable goal of “good health and well-being”. It helped me realise how good health and balance of physical and spiritual well-being is globally significant. I prepared myself to engage into this activity because I understand that it is difficult  to maintain good health and well-being in such a world where everyday is a new challenge for different people in different ways. My awareness of the issue and its importance lead me to take up the practice of yoga for a short period of time.

LO 4:Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.

On a daily basis for 2 months, I dedicated myself to practicing yoga for an hour. I made it a part of my daily schedule. I was committed to complete the task I had taken up to make is a healthy practice for me. I knew that I am not a person who is very involved in such physically enduring tasks, still, despite the difficulties, thought of giving up and thinking about failing to do it, I showed perseverance and the zeal to achieve whatever commitments I made towards myself during such sudden changes in lifestyle. 

LO 2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

As stated earlier, I was new to the skills required for doing yoga. Hence, during the duration of this activity, I faced many challenges like lack of flexibility, balance and concentration, but as time passed, and I got used to it, I developed new skills and became dedicated to overcome all my challenges. 

This CAS activity helped me achieve many skills and habits. I became very “proactive” as I did it every day despite the challenges. I was proactive so I could make it a part of everyday life. Apart from that, I feel like I can take a step towards things I find impossible at the start but staying committed. I was able to dedicate myself because I was open-minded towards failure and areas that need improvement. 

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