Model United Nations is a simulation of UN conferences where people can learn about international relations and diplomacy. Every year Fountainhead School hosts a MUN which is a student-led event. This year I got the opportunity to be the Head of Hospitality or the Organizing Committee Head. I had a lot of work assigned both during and before the event. The biggest task was leading the whole OC and making sure they work together efficiently. The Learning Outcomes of this CAS experience were LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5, LO6, and LO7.

LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth.
I’ve always been told that I’m a good leader and I can make people work efficiently. That is a strength I am proud to have. One of my weaknesses that sometimes creates an obstruction is that sometimes I may lose control of my emotions and get frustrated easily. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps because you know what you need to work on and what will help you grow. Knowing your weakness, accepting it, and then working on it, it is not an easy task,  As far as the event was concerned I tried to keep my cool for as long as possible and I don’t think it really acted as a barrier for me this time. Even when the workload was too much, or anyone in the team wasn’t listening to me, I acted patiently and tried to resolve the issue.
LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.
I often struggled with communicating with new people, as I felt really awkward. During the event I had to communicate with the EB initially I felt it was hard to break the ice but then I got more comfortable. I have been a part of the organizing committee for three years now and this is the first time I could communicate with the EB. I found myself interacting freely with people I had just met and that is going to help me further in life when I’ll be more exposed to the outside world and will have to talk to new people. I feel really happy that I overcame this fear of communicating with new people, it has given me confidence. We always learn new things in new experiences and we should always be open to new lessons which help us grow.
Talking about LO1 and LO2 combined, I have stage fright, a lot of times while speaking in front of an audience I have started to shiver and it is one of my weaknesses. I thought that hosting FSMUN was a great opportunity for me to overcome this and try to challenge myself. I volunteered to host. Though I was very nervous and I feel I could have been better on the stage I’m pretty glad I took the opportunity. Growth can’t happen in once so I need to keep challenging myself to overcome this fear.
LO3- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience.
I was very much involved in the planning of the whole event and aided the Core Committee when needed. I learned the back story of how an event is organized and put into place. From managing the logistics to contacting people the event gave me varied experiences. What I learned about myself is that I like organizing events and I’m good at it. Both planning and initiating the event was an equally tough task, as during the event there were some last-minute crises and had to work upon it quickly to help maintain the flow of the event. Planning requires a lot of work like logistics, EB, getting delegate, finalizing decor, etc. so it is also not an easy task. I think now that I have this experience I am prepared to organize events of my own which I will need for my own CAS project. It is important to know how to plan and initiate events because it teaches you a lot of things like teamwork, time management, problem-solving and for me patience as well.
LO4- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
A lot of time had to be invested in being the OC head and I had to manage it with school work. For the planning of the event, I had to come early regularly which is a challenging task because I’m not a morning person. There were also rough patches sometimes within the core team whom I worked directly under, we had to overcome all the grudges and individual grievances so that the event would altogether be a success. Sometimes there was so much work that it got overwhelming, but I was committed to the task because this is something I like doing. I am a person who can get bored of a task easily sometimes, it all depends on my interests but I was always engaged while planning this event in fact I wanted to do more work.
LO5- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.
An event can’t be put together by one person single-handedly, and hence it requires teamwork and collaboration. One thing to keep in mind while working in a team is to be open-minded and respect everyone’s opinion. I believe that I can work well in teams, looking at past experiences. The OC had people of different grades and hence there was a lot of difference in opinion and a lot of times they didn’t take their jobs seriously, but the key here was to stay calm and understand their view. Collaboration and synergy is an important thing everyone should know as even ahead in the future there will come times when we would have to work with teams, this makes us prepared. Additionally, it also makes us learn how to be more open-minded, respectful, and responsible. Moreover, there were fights within the Core Committee, but it was ensured it didn’t affect the functioning of the event.
LO6- Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.
The agendas of the MUN were aligned with issues that were recent and global. It was a platform for students to come to debate and become aware of the current scenarios around the globe. The agendas, for example, were the Kurdish issue, Brexit, NRC, etc. Knowing about global issues makes us responsible and more aware global citizens.
LO7- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.
All actions have consequences and so we need to make choices wisely. While working with a team we need to be wary of our possible choices that may hurt others. What we perceive as good or bad may not be the other’s idea. We face a lot of issues within the team sometimes where there were fights, but our common goal was the event so we overcame them. Also as we had collaborated with UNIC, it was our duty to abide by their rules and principles.
To conclude, FSMUN was a great learning experience and I don’t regret a bit of it. I developed skills and learned how to be more open-minded, reflective, responsible, and principled. It also made me a better communicator. FSMUN was very successful and I was really proud of it. It gave all of us a sense of achievement and gratefulness.

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