Global Odyssey

Global Odyssey was an event hosted by our school for the BM and Economics students of grade 11. This event was hosted with an aim for us students to gain a better knowledge of our subject and put our skills to use. GO was basically a business fair, in which students were divided into four teams- entertainment, fashion, food, and decor. In our respective teams, we were supposed to connect the field we’re working into something of a global significance. I was assigned to be a team leader of entertainment. Through this CAS experience, I was able to cater, LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5, and LO6.

Since this wasn’t the first time I was in charge of an event, I already knew my strengths and weaknesses from before. However, this experience definitely helped me explore more of them. Firstly, I realized that I had good collaborative skills because I was able to engage everyone in my team to work, despite most of them being extremely unenthusiastic. I learned that one of my weaknesses was not being able to communicate all of my ideas well with everyone since I found my self struggling to convey to the teacher discharged of the games that I wanted to include. I hope to improve this habit of mine in the future by being more clear about what I am trying to say.

Like mentioned before, I was having trouble communicating with my teacher, which had led to our work to get delayed. We couldn’t decide our games until the very last moment and also had trouble setting the prices. This was because everybody had really different ideas and it took time for us to reach a mutually acceptable conclusion. This was a new challenge for me since I hadn’t experienced anything of this sort before; in all of my past events, everyone used to agree with what I was saying. However, in the end, we found ourselves satisfied with the results. This really taught me that things cannot always go my way.

I usually am an organized person so I didn’t have much trouble initiating this plan.

Like mentioned before, we had a lot of trouble deciding on the games we were keeping and the prices we were setting. A lot of the times, I found my ideas getting rejected, which really tested my perseverance. I learned that I cannot always please everyone and that I should not give up. There were many problems that we faced during this experience that it really taught me to not get demotivated if some things don’t go as planned.

This experience had been challenging for me because I did not always get along with my fellow team leader and my teacher. However, having them working with me also meant that I got to hear a lot of their ideas. Being in a team really helped for us to come up with the best of ideas and get our work faster and together.

The 20% of our revenue from this was donated to the school NGO, Missing Girls which helps reduce human trafficking and thus, we helped tackle an issue of global significance.

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