Visual Arts

Paining used to be something I really enjoyed doing as a kid. However, for a long time, I couldn’t take out time to practice the activity because of my studies. As a case activity, I decided to paint an artwork. In this experience, I catered to LO1, 2, and 4.



CAS really gave me an opportunity to connect myself to the field of Art and practice my skills. Once I sat down with a blank canvas, and some art supplies, I found my mind immediately coming up with infinite ideas, and my hands imprinting those ideas on paper. I identified creativity to be one of my biggest strengths throughout this experience. As I went along, I found myself struggling on certain parts, and I realized that my lack of practice had led me to lose some of my skills. I realized that I wasn’t satisfied with my sketching and blending and that I needed regular, more frequent practice to improve that.



A big challenge I always face when I paint is being patient. Making an artwork requires for you to be patient and take things slow, however, there’s hardly ever been a time when I haven’t been frustrated while painting. The artwork I was painting, specifically, required a lot of different colors, and hence, I had to be mindful to give it time to dry as I went along. Moreover, at times, I couldn’t perfect certain areas of my painting like I intended to do, and I got angry at myself for not being able to make a satisfactory painting despite working hard. I think that in the future, I will have to come up with ways to calm down and be patient. I plan on doing this by listening to music while I paint and taking frequent breaks to do other things. I think that patience is an extremely essential skill, not only in art but, in almost every area of life. I think practice art and improving my patience will really help me stay calm in life and handle things in a more efficient manner.



Like mentioned before, Visual Arts requires a lot of patience. I tried my best to make my painting better and better by each stoke of my paintbrush rather than giving up when I didn’t like my painting. There was a time, somewhere in between, when I got so frustrated with my painting that I felt like giving up this activity altogether however, I instead went along and gave my best. Being perseverant and committed throughout this was extremely difficult, however, really essential, because otherwise, I would have easily given up and couldn’t;t have finished making my artwork.

In all, this experience really helped me be more reflective of the skills I once used to practice a lot. This activity also helped me connect better with one of my subjects- TOK where we have a unit of Art. This activity helped me view art from the artist’s perspective. I think that the highlight experience for me in this was when I finished my painting and was completely satisfied and proud of myself. This experience also helped me realize that once I was satisfied with my painting myself, on the presenting I didn’t care what others thought of it.



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