Frisbee Tournament

Along with a few of my classmates, I organized a frisbee tournament on the 6th of October. It was a part of the second-ever National Championship Series of India Ultimate. Teams from all over Gujarat came to Surat to compete in this event. I was one of the organizers for this highly esteemed event. We chose to take this up as our CAS Project because it helps us become better managers and gives us a little perspective on how to coordinate with different people and get work done on time. The process started off with creating a registration page on India Ultimate and once we got registrations, we started making the arrangements for the tournament. 

LO2: Initially, there were a lot of challenges that we faced. Lots of last-minute changes such as teams backing out and budgeting errors. There were a few teams that we’re incapable of paying the registration fees and after a lot of discussions we were finally on the same page. During the planning process, it was difficult to schedule meetings with our Supervisor because our free slot timings didn’t usually match and it was not always convenient to go to the admin to discuss minor issues.

LO1: However, we somehow managed to find time in the transition and keep short meetings. Due to teams backing out, we needed to change our orders for mattresses and food a couple of times. On the day of the tournament, asking teams for money and making sure all the resources are arranged for was a tedious task because we were often busy in our own matches. To overcome this challenge, we appointed someone from the school staff to make sure things are ready for the event. 

LO5: Our group didn’t have equal participation from all members. It is important to synergize to get success, but I had to do most of the things alone. It is generally easy to work with others. When we work with others, the delegation becomes easier and the burden is less on one person.

LO4: As and when we started preparing, it gave us an idea of how an event manager needs to take into account various factors such as budgeting, marketing, supervising. It was difficult because classes had to be missed to attend meetings and ensuring things are arranged for. Effective communication played a key role because of the better the chain of communication, the better the output. To avoid last-minute haphazard, we checked the preparations a day earlier. Through this experience, I have developed my leadership, communication and management skills. I would look forward to organizing such events in the future to gain exposure.

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