Explore The Sahyadris

A sound trekker is mindful of his own minimum needs. Trekking inculcates qualities of self-reliance, keeping fit and willingness to help. A trekker, therefore, carries on his back his entire home, bed, kitchen and other needs on the trek. Trekking is something that I love to do. This trek was awesome as well as memorial. It was lead by Wilderness India a team that loves to explore.  

Lo-1 Identifying own strengths and develop areas for growth.

I have identified my strengths and weakness. I knew it will be hard for me to climb uphill at a constant speed. We were asked to drink water at particular points only so it was difficult for me to climb uphill. Local guides helped me to overcome the problems while climbing. The downhill was my strength it was easy for me to clear all the problems faced during the downhill. Whenever I encounter a new type of challenge, it’s almost always a chance to develop a new set of skills. It helps me to cultivate more gratitude and compassion.

Lo-5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

For me, working together helps me to gain confidence and overall mental and physical boost. It is important to work collaboratively with others as it helps to simplify the function on time, consensual strategy, bonding, empathy, and mainly Co-ordinated decision making. Teamwork is an essential element to face the difficulties as in trekking there is an essential need for a team to work together as there are many resources to carry, supporting each other while climbing and setting up tents. Therefore a team is one of the necessary part during the trek.               


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